Benefits of 3D Boat Design Software

Boat designing is more or less an art but still is incomplete without the proper knowledge of technology and architecture. There are certain peculiar points that always need to be there in the back of designer’s mind. If any of these peculiarities are missed out then certainly it will goof up the things at the show time. Then why not to delegate all these art and technology related concerns to someone whose output is a bulls-eye, whose computation is flawless, whose architecture designing is a brainchild of genius and accuracy is an integral entity of its persona. All these qualities can be clubbed together in nothing else except design software; and what if, when it comprises 3 dimensional qualities too. Yes, certainly we are talking about 3D boat design software. Let’s have a glimpse over its unmatchable versatility.

Earlier due to lack of expertise designers had to rely upon 2-dimensional software which were adequate up to certain extent but lacked visual appeal, actual image and sophistication. Many of the part designs and shapes are inbuilt in this 3D software. Like bow, bulkhead, chine, deck, gunwale, keels, keelson, rudder, sheer, transom, stem, strake and stern and many such integral parts are embedded in the 3D software with very little variations. All a designer needs to do is to pick and integrate these parts at the proper place. Along with designs it has flexibility of dimensions; for example at certain cross sectional point of longitude and athwart ship bulkheads if dimensions are not in synchronization, then it will automatically prompt the user. In this way scope of dimensional error gets reduced by a great degree. All the marine science related principles will be taken care by the software itself; for example if designer is making bottom of boat light then it will prompt for engineering error.

Moreover by virtue of 3D boat design software, designer can draw any type of floatable object. Each and every design is passed through multiple iterations. Visual appeal is so fine that no more complex menus are resorted upon for visualizing that 2D drawing in actual. Demo file can ease the usage of software for beginners. Software is so handy that one can easily rotate, move and scale the boat as per the requirement. All requisite holes and gaps can easily be introduced in the drawings as are actually there in the real boat. Some other aspects like weight and strength of each and every part can also be considered with the help of this software. Different bottoms, curves and acute steeps at the back can easily be drawn with the help of this software. Moreover the efficiency that can be attained with different permutations and combinations of these parts can easily be chalked out.

In this way we can mention endless benefits of 3D boat design software, which are almost unmatchable comparing to those handmade designs and human experience. But all these features are not that important as are flawlessness, time saving aspect, ease of use and 3D visualization.

3D Boat Design Software – Is It For You?

Possibly the biggest obstacle people have when they attempt to design their own boat is the lack of quality software they can use. There are professional tools out there in which you can design literally anything, but they are complex, expensive and too overwhelming for someone who doesn’t wish to learn the ins and outs of it.

There is fortunately a great alternative to all enthusiast boat designers, a software which doesn’t require much learning and is built for designing boats specifically. It’s called 3D Boat Design, and here I’ll list some of its features so you can decide for yourself whether it’s worth it or not.

First of all, 3D Boat Design is aimed at people with no previous experience designing anything of this type, but offers the flexibility and options which many advanced CAD software programs have. Literally anyone can design a boat using this application and you don’t have to spend weeks learning it. In fact, you’ll probably be done in just a few short hours, and have your professional looking boat design ready for display, and even build.

The other great thing about 3D Boat Design is that it’s made for designing boats specifically, and makes many things so very easy to do. Many templates will make it extremely easy to add any sort of features you like to your boat, and it’s just so easy to use. Below you’ll find just some of the many features this software has:

  • Create any type of floatable object.
  • Easy to use & extremely flexible.
  • Super low learning curve (Very easy to use)
  • Visually appealing, no complex menus.
  • Enhanced hydrostatic calculations (More accurate)
  • Locking & Unlocking of control points.
  • Add background images easily.
  • Easy 3D scaling, moving, rotating.
  • Advanced File import and export functions.
  • Fairing Tools & Advanced Modeling options.
  • More freedom in modeling knuckle lines.
  • The possibility to insert just one single control point.
  • Create complex shapes from just one surface.
  • Surfaces can contain holes and gaps.
  • Uses ‘surface modeling’ to define the shape of a ship.
  • “Sculpt” the hull by pulling and shifting points (just like a thin and flexible piece of cloth)
  • Not limited to the hull alone (Decks, superstructures, masts, keels and rudders can be modeled this way too.)
  • Uses subdivision surfaces to completely model the ship.
  • Default view has 4 windows with a different view on the 3D hull.
  • Resistance calculations including the Delft series resistance
  • Resistance calculations including The KAPER resistance method.

As you can see this boat design software is very flexible and powerful, and will enable you to quickly and easily design your own dream boat exactly as you want it. 3D Boat Design works on any version of Windows, and is often updated with new features and options.

Whether you just want to design a boat for fun, a toy model or a luxury yacht, with 3D Boat Design you can do it. It’s an easy to use yet still professional tool, and for a fraction of the price most other CAD software costs. It’s a unique opportunity at a bargain price, and if you’re serious about building a boat this software will no doubt enable you to design it.

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